photo: Geeke van Dijck Photography

We say it with art

Hi, my name is Nikolaas van Dijck and I am a graphic designer and illustrator from the Netherlands. I’m a big fan of art, with a strong preference for skate art and vinyl toys.

I founded Rolling Vinyl on February 1st 2019, after painting multiple skate decks and vinyl toys myself and finding there’s not really a place where you can get info on which supplies can be used for those materials. Which markers are suited on vinyl? And are those markers also suited for wood? And after the painting is finished, what can you do to keep it protected?

With Rolling Vinyl I offer the materials and supplies which I couldn’t easily find myself, all in one online shop. While selecting new products for our shop, I always ask myself: can it be used with the other products in our assortment?

One of a kind Art decks and Art Toys

But there’s more: Rolling Vinyl offers skate decks and vinyl toys which are customized by artists from all over the world. These one of a kind pieces of art are all commissioned by Rolling Vinyl. We only sell the original customized deck or toy, so they’re really unique pieces of art which you can’t get anywhere else.


Urban Art Gallery Arnhem

We just opened a little store in one of the coolest locations of the city Arnhem!
You can find our little shop in the “Urban Art Gallery Arnhem” at the Klarendalseweg.

One place where you will find a tattoo artist that makes incredible hand poked tattoos, a photographer who is specialized in food en urban art photography and me with all the products you can find in the website. A good cocktail we call it!

Come and visit us!
For opening hours please check our contact page.