Klaas Lageweg

Klaas Lageweg is a visual artist from the Netherlands. He creates murals and paintings. Art is his means to function autonomously in this society. Creating and developing causes Klaas to experience conflict, euphoria, disappointment and pride. In other words: paint keeps him going. Klaas follows his instincts and intuition – in doing so, he gets to turn his ideas into reality. His focus is always on the end result.

As Klaas finds inspiration in his day-to-day environment, his work generally contains an observational outlook. In combining seemingly opposing forms, such as realism, pixel art and abstractions, he is always pushing the boundaries.


Klaas was one of the first artists that made a Art deck for us. On the deck you can see a hand holding a skate deck. A fun fact is that the arm you see is his own arm holding one of his first decks.

Social Media

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He also has a great YouTube channel. Or visit his website.