Nina Valkhoff

Nina Valkhoff is a muralist, painting large walls all over the world. Her style is realistic, features flora & fauna, and always has a touch of magic. The animals she paints often are the weird ones, or almost extinct species, to make people aware of their beauty or existence.

We met Nina at Pow! Wow! Rotterdam. A street art festival where she made a amazing mural! And when we saw her work we immediately hoped she whould make a Art deck for us.

Next to the big walls Nina makes beautifull paintings of animals on second hand (vintage) bags and small canvasses.


For Rolling Vinyl Nina made a Art Deck with the image of a Pangolin. One of the most endangered species on earth. It’s scales are used in traditional Chinese medicines, used to treat different issues, like curing woman who are possessed with demons.

The Art deck was sold in pre-order!

And we are happy to announce that Nina will make a second Art deck for us. We can’t wait to see what kind off animal or plant she will make us aware of this time.

Social Media

Want to see more of the work of Nina Valkhoff? Check out her instagram and or Facebook page.
She also has a great YouTube channel. Or visit her website