Below the surface – Hindevlinder


This is a 100% hand-made Skate deck with hand-painted art by Hindevlinder.
It comes with a FREE Wall mount and Includes a handwritten card by the artist that features the artist’s signature.




  • hand-painted
  • hand-made skate deck
  • Free wall mount
  • worldwide shipping

About the artist

Wabi-sabi: a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

José ter Haar illustrates under her artist name Hindevlinder and prefers to work with India Ink and drip pen. In addition, she uses graphite chalk.

For her, drawing is a way to process her day; the things she encounters along the way. Stories and poems that arise in her head are depicted on paper. Her subjects are vulnerability (fragility) and transparency.

Jose’s love for paper is also expressed in another way: she makes clothes out of very thin transparent paper, which are used for photoshoots.

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100% Hand-made
Skate decks

The skate deck for this piece of art is a piece of art it self! It’s completely hand-made by Karate wood chop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

We are so happy to collaborate with Karate and can make the Art decks even more unique!