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Flying Förtess R.E.S.S. set decks


Flying Förtess
Hand painted

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About the Art deck

This Art Deck was commissioned by Rolling Vinyl. The artist was entirely free to create whatever he or she wanted to, resulting in a very personal piece of art. 
A one of a kind hand-painted skate deck.

The Art Deck comes with a FREE wall mounting system and include a handwritten card by the artist, with the artist’s signature


Flying Förtess is the commander of the infamous Teddy Troops. Since 20 years he is sending out his army to public space for visual occupation. But not with weapons but with style and humor. The Teddy Trooper icon/figure is a „shorten replacement“ to be used instead of his nonpractical long artist name.

The Troops first appeared as graffiti throw-ups, stickers and posters in the streets in his town of birth Munich. But later spreading worldwide on his travels. Later the Teddy Troops also turned into 3D vinyl toys and got printed on tshirts and skateboards. An increasing army on different medias. And still marching in 2022….


The skate deck that forms the “canvas” of this artwork is a piece of art in itself, being handmade by Jeroen in the workshop of Karate (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). After seven layers of wood have been pressed together and have dried for four weeks, the board gets its final form at the hands of a very skilled and passionate craftsman. This way we can offer you a 100% unique and handmade artwork