It’s in your own hands – Klaas Lageweg


Klaas Lageweg created an artwork of a skater carrying a skateboard, painted in his unique style. Fun fact: the “skater” depicted is Lageweg himself, holding the very first skateboard he ever owned! Truly a personal piece of art. You can still see the paint stains on his shorts.


It comes with a FREE Wall mount and Includes a handwritten card by the artist, which is way too beautiful to throw away and features the artist’s signature.

Sold Out

  • Free Wall mount
  • Hand-painted
  • Worldwide shipping
  • One of a kind

About the artist

Klaas Lageweg is a visual artist from the Netherlands. He creates murals and paintings. Art is his means to function autonomously in this society. Creating and developing causes Klaas to experience conflict, euphoria, disappointment and pride. In other words: paint keeps him going. Klaas follows his instincts and intuition – in doing so, he gets to turn his ideas into reality. His focus is always on the end result.

As Klaas finds inspiration in his day-to-day environment, his work generally contains an observational outlook. In combining seemingly opposing forms, such as realism, pixel art and abstractions, he is always pushing the boundaries

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