We say it with ART #1 skate deck 8.125 inch – by Chris Versteeg

Limited Edition (20 pcs)

This Limited edition skate deck design is made by Chris Versteeg and created exclusively for Rolling Vinyl. We asked him to create a design with the theme: “We Say It With ART”. And voila the first limited edition skate deck was born.

  • 8.125 inch skate deck
  • no griptape

UPDATE: Skate decks are in production! Only a couple left!




About the artist

Chris Versteeg (1977) works as a graphic designer and illustrator at Rotterdam based design studio Projekt C and is the chief editor and publisher of Street and More magazine. “As a kid I loved to draw stuff and go out skateboarding and being up to no good. In the early nineties I got in touch with graffiti and that became my true love for years. I had a great time painting, climbing fences, running, ending up in late night bars, sleeping outside and traveling most of Europe, making friends for life.

After graduating from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam I continued studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, but dropped out after one and a half year to start working. Best choice ever! Nowadays I spent most of my time in the office, working on illustrations, magazines, books and paintings, but from time to time I sneak out to paint a few walls. My current work, both digital and manual, is a good mix between a clean graphic style, mixed with natural and industrial touches without losing some of those important graffiti and big city life elements.”

Website: www.projektc.nl

Important to know:

– There will be only 20 decks with the same print and there will be NO reprint.
– Each decks will have it’s number laser engraved (1 to 20) on the back
– The Limited Skate Deck has not yet been made. We aim to start production when (at least) 10 decks have been pre-ordered, but if that’s not the case we will still start production within two weeks after you placed your order. You will get your deck!