Swinging among the stars, dreaming in zero gravity, who wouldn’t want that? This piece of art depicts a beautiful mixture of space and mythology. Soothing and exciting at once.

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About the Art deck

This Art Deck was commissioned by Rolling Vinyl. The artist was entirely free to create whatever he or she wanted to, resulting in a very personal piece of art. 
A one of a kind hand-painted skate deck.

The Art Deck comes with a FREE wall mounting system and include a handwritten card by the artist, with the artist’s signature


Natasja van Gestel is a Dutch watercolor artist with a fascination for things that are far away from her in time and space. Her art influences started in manga around the age of eight, and presently range from anything to do with mythology to art nouveau, comics, printed patterns, the Middle and the Far East, and space. She has done art for successful Kickstarter campaigns like Remarkable Inns–a supplementary book for role-playing games–and 78Tarot, but she does a lot of personal projects, too. Her most recent and most ambitious one so far: a seven-volume comic set in space.

On the side, Natasja is a Dungeon Master, owner of two cats, and works in IT when she is not drawing


The skate deck that forms the “canvas” of this artwork is a piece of art in itself, being handmade by Jeroen in the workshop of Karate (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). After seven layers of wood have been pressed together and have dried for four weeks, the board gets its final form at the hands of a very skilled and passionate craftsman. This way we can offer you a 100% unique and handmade artwork