Burger City – by Chris Versteeg

This Limited edition skate deck is from deck to print hand-made in the Netherlands.


  • Limited edition of 10
  • Hand-made 8″ skate deck
  • Screen printed
  • hand-signed and numbered by the artist
  • Expected delivery end of September!

In stock


In stock

100% Hand-made
in the Netherlands

We asked Chris Versteeg to create a design for this new product. And when he heard it whould be a screen print he was hyped! And he created a masterpiece if we may say so.

After the design was final we orderd the skate decks. All the decks are hand-made by KARATE wood chop in Rotterdam. And after a drying time of 3 weeks and shaping the final deck they went to Studio Boktor in Zierikzee. There the 4 color design of Chris Versteeg was screen printed directly on the deck!

Resulting in this awesome final product. We are verry proud of this collab and hope to make more of these in awesome products in the future.


About the artist

Chris Versteeg (1977) works as a graphic designer and illustrator at Rotterdam based design studio Projekt C and is the chief editor and publisher of Street and More magazine. “As a kid, I loved to draw stuff and go out skateboarding and being up to no good. In the early nineties, I got in touch with graffiti and that became my true love for years. I had a great time painting, climbing fences, running, ending up in late-night bars, sleeping outside, and traveling most of Europe, making friends for life.

After graduating from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam I continued studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam but dropped out after one and a half year to start working. Best choice ever! Nowadays I spent most of my time in the office, working on illustrations, magazines, books, and paintings, but from time to time I sneak out to paint a few walls. My current work, both digital and manual, is a good mix between a clean graphic style, mixed with natural and industrial touches without losing some of those important graffiti and big city life elements.”

Website: www.projektc.nl