State of Mind – Dodici


This is a 100% hand-made Skate deck with hand-painted art by Dodici.
It comes with a FREE Wall mount and Includes a handwritten card by the artist that features the artist’s signature.




  • hand-painted
  • hand-made skate deck
  • Free wall mount
  • worldwide shipping

About the artist


Dodici is an Italian illustrator based in Rotterdam. He moved to the Netherlands for his personal and professional growth.
He is developing his network to make his name known as much as possible.
He likes te test himself with new materials such as Architectural elements, interiors, public walls, and sculptures.

His style and signature are minimalistic, usually, in black and white te express the essence of his works at his best. People and daily actions are basically sources of inspiration for him.
Traveling is his passion and leaves pieces of his art wherever he goes

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100% Hand-made
Skate decks

The skate deck for this piece of art is a piece of art it self! It’s┬ácompletely hand-made by Jeroen van Sluis in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

We are so happy to collaborate with Jeroen and can make the Art decks even more unique!