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TwoCan Iconic Series – Cotton Candy 400ml


Paying homage to a German graffiti icon

The German Graffiti artist CANTWO has rightfully earned the title of international graffiti icon. For well over three decades, CANTWO has maintained a creative consistency and output that has put him into a graffiti style writing league of his own.

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Born 1970 in the German city of Mainz, CANTWO’s artwork has graced the walls and galleries of a greater part of the globe. Inspired by the pioneers of the original New York graffiti movement, CANTWO’s self-described “semi-wildstyle” lettering has long morphed into a unique style of his own, also encompassing his now-famous take on illustrative characters and figures. The latest Montana Cans ICONIC SERIES feat. CANTWO containing a white color tone “Cotton Candy” made from the Montana GOLD range. MONTANA-CANS – Highest quality made in Germany.

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