Yes we Can by La T’Ash

Charity: Honey Highway
La T’Ash
Material: Empty Spray Can

Comes with a bag of flower seeds
Will be shipped after the expo ends on the 12th of October.





La T’Ash

Is a self-taught tattoo/stencil artist and serial passionate entrepreneur with a workshop in Arnhem and the forest reserve Veluwe as her backyard.
Her work originates from emotions or thoughts – a momentary fascination – and she leaves the interpretation of the work up to her spectators, who can create their own story around it.

La T’Ash focusses mainly on urban street art, sculptures, and tattoo art on leather and human skin. Graffiti, multi-layered stencils, experimenting with materials and durability are some keywords of her current work. Often in black/white/grey, with subtle use of color. Pop Art, Japan, Asian graphics, Burlesque, and comics are things that inspire her.

La T’Ash has been part of various exhibitions, like Rabobank, Artbox Barcelona, Artbox Switzerland, Urban Art House 2012 Amsterdam, Go Gallery, Female Art week P.A.X. Group exhibition, Amsterdam Street Art 2012 sponsored by Avro’s Kunstuur, multiple Finaliste Stencil.

Art Prize (Australia). Book: CUT.