Yes we Can by Naomi King

Charity: Honey Highway
Naomi Kling
Material: Empty Spray Can

Comes with a bag of flower seeds
Will be shipped after the expo ends on the 12th of October.


Only 1 left in stock


Only 1 left in stock

Naomi King

Is the colorful lady that stands out in the crowd; always in for a laugh and a fulltime daydreamer. She lives with her best friend and partner Bob and their “grandpa cat” Jip Fluitekruid Gruwelu in a cozy apartment in Rotterdam, where she also works in her “batgirlcave”/workshop.

Naomi has her own company Naomi King | Illustration & Design and works as an illustrator, graphic designer, animator, and muralist.

Her personal work is a visualization of memories, dreams, and other things she has saved in her subconsciousness. Drawing is a way for her to analyze all these things. It’s a way to organize her thoughts and her vision on life itself. Naomi loves the hidden symbolism and meaning behind everyday objects and that fascination often plays a part in her designs and illustrations. With a varying style and colored pencils, acrylic paint or pen & ink, she creates a delicate world in which humans and nature are intertwined.