Yes we Can by Stijn Valentijn

Charity: Honey Highway
 Stijn Valentijn
Material: Empty Spray Can

Comes with a bag of flower seeds
Will be shipped after the expo ends on the 12th of October.


Sold Out


Sold Out

Stijn Valentijn

My name is Stijn Wijnsma, part time student neuro sciences and full time visual artist. I spend 95% of my days either painting, drawing or another form of creative expression. And with my student room, looking more like an atelier than an actual living space, I wake up and go to sleep with art on my mind. When I am not making art I am thinking about making art. And when I am not thinking about art, I am probably still thinking about it.

Creativity has been a part of me all my life, since I was a child I have always spent my time creating. Now I look for creative challenges where ever I can, stepping out of my comfort zone and broadening my horizons.  I am lucky to have developed a style I call my own, this is my building block to explore the endless creative possibilities the world around us has to offer. My style is at its basis abstract, but can translate into many forms. If you look at my work you can see all sorts of figures popping up, it totally depends on the mindset of the viewer.

This also makes that two people can see two totally different things in my art. And as long as this is something that sparks joy or any other positive feeling, my job is done.