Yes we Can by Thijs Lansbergen

Charity: Honey Highway
 Thijs Lansbergen
Material: Empty Spray Can

Comes with a bag of flower seeds
Will be shipped after the expo ends on the 12th of October.


Only 1 left in stock


Only 1 left in stock

Thijs LansbergenThijs Lansbergen

People that follow Rolling Vinyl may recognize Thijs Lansbergen as one of the artists who created a limited-edition Art Deck for our store (still available, so check it out!). Thijs is an illustrator from Rotterdam, who illustrates for magazines, posters, banners, and beer labels. Besides illustrations, Thijs does murals in hallways and tunnels and on pillars in his hometown, makes screenprints (available in his webshop!), and turns illustrations into animations.
Thijs draws anything that interests him – like Vikings, monsters, and tropical islands – and plays with shapes, perspective, and colors to further develop his illustrations.