Bees Need Our Help!

Bees play a very important part in maintaining our planet, but their numbers are dwindling fast. To help them, we organize the expo “Yes We Can”.

Twenty artists will turn a 400ml spray can into a unique artwork. These amazing spray cans will be displayed in the window of the Urban Art Gallery Arnhem at the Klarendalseweg and they will be for sale! All profits will be donated to Honey Highway, who will use the money to create wildflower meadows as a source of nutrition for the bees. 

Besides the art cans, we also have T-shirts and posters available to gather as much money as possible for Honey Highway.

If you aren’t able come by Urban Art Gallery Arnhem, come back later to the website where the art cans and merchandise are available as well.

All art cans come with a tailor made showcase, made of transparent acrylic and bamboo. The showcase is laser cut and has the name of the artist and the logo of the expo engraved.

The art cans are all one of a kind, so don’t wait too long, get your unique piece of art and help save the bees!

Art cans


Money raised so far

This page will be updated when new artists are introduced and when the expo starts on the 14th of September.

Studio Kling
Thijs Lansbergen
de Verderkijker
I am Nien

– Click on the picture of the artist to see their Art can! –